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Truth is That which never changes

The dictionary defines truth as “conformity with fact or reality”. Most people call it truth when they perceive something with their senses, when they recognize a situation through their eyes, or when they know a fact with the help of their mind and intellect.

Online Meditation Training-Meditation Quote-Truth is That which never changes

Anyone who has contemplated their own mind has noticed its constant movement. Even though we may call the mind‘s perceptions the truth, we know they tend to fluctuate - and they change depending on one‘s interpretation. We have seen many times how a fact that is individually or collectively considered as truth at a given time can change, as our knowledge expands or deepens. What was once considered scientific truth may shift overnight with a breakthrough in research.

In our personal lives we know how the truth can be perceived in different ways by different people, depending on their individual point of view. Two people can look at the same situation and see two entirely different scenes, since perceptions vary significantly owing to personal experience and cultural conditioning. Yet both will believe that they know the truth and that they are therefore right...

We can see that the truth on the level of our human perceptions is not as stable or certain as we may have thought. In fact it is very subjective and - if we make it into a measuring stick for deciding what‘s right and wrong - this volatile type of truth tends be a great source of conflict.

Clearly, this is not the unchanging Truth that the Sages and Saints are talking about. Truth that is always available and remains forever the same is not to be found in the realm of the mind. It exists as the Source of the mind, the unchanging Self that is at the back of all manifestation. We have a chance to know the Truth of the Self as our own being when we close our eyes to meditate. The eternal unchanging Space of the Self that reveals itself when the movement of the mind settles and dissolves into the Source, That is the Truth - the Truth of our very own Nature.

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