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You are Pure Love

Pure Love is infinite and omnipresent. It has no beginning and no end. Pure Love is all-encompassing and all-permeating, free from need, want or expectation - it is Freedom itself. Pure Love is the Source of everything in manifestation, for it is the essence, the power and the expression of the Divine. Without Pure Love there is no world and no breath to give life to all the manifested beings.

Love is who you are - new blogpost by Sampriya

Pure Love is the power that creates and animates every form, thought and movement. Through its power of creation, It gives life to all of manifestation yet it never becomes anything other than Pure Love.

To the human eye that which is Pure Love appears as a form. When we perceive the world, people and our own bodies through our eyes and senses, we only see the form, not the Pure Love that is its Source.

Because of this mechanism inherent to the human instrument, the division between Pure Love and who we perceive ourselves to be appears to be real. This is why we think that we are individual human beings, separate from the Source or Pure Love.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we spend our life attempting to undo the division and to regain our sense of wholeness. Having lost the knowledge that Pure Love is our very essence, we turn to ideas of romantic love that all of society, especially the entertainment industry, have been promoting incessantly. The myth that the perfect partner will fill our inner emptiness keeps us in an endless loop of hope and disappointment. We continually postpone being happy and fulfilled unless the perfect prince/ess charming appears. In doing so, we miss the opportunity to realize that wholeness and Pure Love is not something we receive from another person, it is who we are and always have been.

Meditation is the gift that allows us to remember that we truly are Pure Love. When we close our eyes, we have a chance to dissolve into the infinity of Pure Love and recognize it as our very of Being. When all the sensory perceptions, the thoughts and conclusions about our individual existence are absorbed in the space of Meditation, we remain as the wholeness of Pure Love that is our True Nature.

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