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Online Meditation Classes

Online Meditation Training
Live from the Himalayas in India with Sampriya

Online Meditation Classes and Seminars with Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick, Meditaton Mentor and Teacher, Essence of the Himalayas, The School of Medtation and Oneness

At the back of all stress, worry or sorrow is a Joy that never changes…

Meditation reveals that we ARE that Joy


Online Meditation Training

Online Meditation Training

Online Meditation Class for Beginners
Shyam Dhyan -  an effortless technique to meditate like a Master

This Series of 3 Online Meditation Classes over 3 weeks will give you a solid  foundation to successfully develop your personal Meditation Practice.

You will learn what Meditation is all about and why we meditate. Sampriya teaches an easy technique for effortless Meditation and a very powerful Mantra that will guide you to your own deep experience of the space of Meditation. 


With that direct experience as your guidepost, you will be able to easily practice on your own in between classes. Each session gives you the possibility to ask questions about potential obstacles you might encounter in the beginning stages; and it will offer strategies to overcome them. 


A very important element of our Online Meditation Training is the study of the functioning of the mind. This will help you realize that you don't need to stop or control your thoughts in order to meditate successfully. In fact, you will become aware that you and your thoughts are NOT one and the same. This understanding not only increases your ability to meditate, it profoundly transforms the experience of your daily life. You will see that the thoughts come and go, whereas you exist as the Witness of the thinking movement in your mind. The Witness or Knower-you, is free from the thoughts and their opinions and dictates. Living with this knowledge is truly life-changing.

Participating in our Online Meditation Training will help you find the unchanging space of Joy that exists at the back of everything - in addition, they will transform and significantly enhance the way you experience your everyday life.

Online Meditation Training

Meditation Class Outline

Online Meditation Training

Book a Custom Online Meditation Class
for you, your friends and family

Contact Sampriya for an Online Meditation Class especially designed to meet the needs and level of instruction that suits the group of friends and family you want to invite. 


You will be able to participate in the Online Meditation Training for FREE, when you book an Online Meditation Class for a group of 6 or more people - (a series of 3 weekly classes of Online Meditation Training according to the logistics as shown in the example below).

Email Sampriya to discuss the details and structure of the Online Meditation Class you would like to share with your loved ones.

 Book custom Online Meditation Training Classes

Custom Meditation Classes

Schedule for Online Meditation Training

Example Series of 3 weekly Classes

Thursday mornings from 9:00 to 10.15 am EDT

Fall  Schedule 2021

1. Series 

13 September

20 September

27 September

 2. Series

14 October

11 October

18 October

Means of Connection

We will connect through the free and easy-to-use video platform Zoom. All you need to participate in our Meditation Classes is a high-speed Internet connection, a desktop/laptop computer, iPad or Smart phone with camera and microphone, and a quiet place in your home from where to log on. All other details will be communicated to you personally before classes start.


All classes are recorded. In case you need to miss a session, you will always be able to catch up with the rest of the group by watching the recording.

Schedule for Online Meditation Training

Meditation Class Format

Payment for Online Meditation Training

Payment for Online Meditation Training

Online Meditation Teacher Training - The School of Meditation and Oneness
Online Meditation Teacher Training - The School of Meditation and Oneness
Online Meditation Teacher Training - The School of Meditation and Oneness
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