Meet Meditation Mentor/Teacher  

Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick

Sampriya's insight into the Awakened State of Consciousness is rooted in Advait Vedant (Non-Dualism) and Yog (Oneness) Philosophy

"I see Life as a divine conspiracy designed to lead us to Happiness and Freedom; and I regard all of life's circumstances as an invitation to realize that “we are not

human beings having a spiritual experience, but Spiritual Beings

having a human experience.”

Sampriya - Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor

Sampriya - Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor

Love is the Source | Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick | Meditation Mentor and Teacher

Sampriya - Meditation Mentor and Teacher

An unconventional  journey to becoming a Meditation Mentor 

Like so many of us, I came into this world with deep questions about who we truly are and what life is all about. I was one of those inquisitive kids who drove my family to distraction with questions nobody had an answer to. From an early age I challenged what most people accepted as normal or real. Oftentimes I felt out of place, as if I didn't really belong to the world I was born into. before I became a Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor

But humans are resilient. I eventually adapted to my surroundings and became a "well adjusted adult". Growing up in a small Swiss German town, I was hungry to learn about the world and hopeful to find answers in other cultures. I loved languages and so I ended up moving abroad, eventually living and working on three different continents. The first decades of my professional life were dedicated to a successful corporate career. My inner inquiry however was still very much alive. The quest for answers lead me to study alternative health, wellness and personal development approaches. Even though many aspects of my life improved from applying these practices, none of them could quench the thirst for "something more" that I somehow knew existed.

This is why Sampriya chose to become a Meditation Mentor and Teacher

By sheer grace disguised as serendipity I was introduced to Meditation and the Science of Oneness by an enlightened Master in the Himalayas. In meeting my Teacher I finally felt that everything was falling into place: I had reached "Home". Not a geographic location, but the home of my own inner Self, the Source of unchanging Freedom and Joy that I had been looking for all my life. as I was on my way to becoming a Meditation Mentor

For the next decade, I traveled to India every year for a few weeks to deepen my Meditation practice and learn how to live that state of Freedom in everyday life. Eventually it became clear that I wanted to dedicate all of my life to the extraordinary experiment of knowing and fully living the state of Freedom. In the past 10 years I have been spending most of my time in the Himalayas, in the company of an enlightened Master and a group of Yogis from all over the world, when I'm not traveling in Europe or the USA, teaching Meditation and Yog Philosophy to groups and individuals of all ages and walks of life. as a Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor

Sampriya - Meditation Mentor and Teacher

Over my years of searching, I collected Trainings and Certifications in various disciplines. They were valuable stepping stones on the way to Freedom and some of these approaches still inform aspects my work. I am a certified Meditation Mentor/Teacher of Yog Philosophy and Meditation by the International Meditation Institute in India and I hold certification by UNH as a Personal and Professional Coach. I am also a Somayog Teacher and certified as a Tong Ren, Bach Flower, Synergy Session and Reflexology Practitioner. as well as a Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor


If you are inspired to find out more about my work, check out the Online Meditation Training Options available to you here: Online Meditation Teacher Training, Personalized Online Meditation Mentoring, Online Satsang with Sampriya, Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor

This is how Sampriya chose to become a Meditation Mentor and Teacher

Sampriya - a contemporary Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor

Watch Sampriya talking about becoming Meditation Mentor and Teacher

Watch Sampriya talking about becoming Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor

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