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Online Satsang and Meditation 

Online Satsang and Meditation with Sampriya live from the Himalayas

Online Satsang with Sampriya

 Live from the Himalayas in India through video-conferencing 

Sampriya has devoted her life to Satsang and Meditation.

She spends most of her time in the Himalayas in India, in the presence of an enlightened master and a community of yogis from around the world.

Satsang is not an English word. It comes from the original Sanskrit, the language in which all important yogic scriptures are written. Satsang means to gather in the presence (sang) of the Truth (Sat). Meeting in Satsang is a gift to yourSelf. It is the opportunity to consciously tune in to our ever-present inner Source or Self - to open ourselves to it and to rest in it. Through Meditation, the chanting of Mantras and through discussion, dialogue and self-inquiry, we realize that we are never separate from our eternal Source. In Satsang, the direct experience of the Source or the space of Oneness is simple and easy.


Satsang with Sampriya is for everyone. Whether you have just started meditating or you have been meditating for years, the shared experience of connecting to our Source of inner strength and freedom will inspire you. Regular Satsang strengthens the spiritual energy and helps you to expand and sustain your personal meditation practice.


The number of participants is limited to 12 people, so that there is enough space for questions and personal interaction.


From years of experience, I know that meeting online is just as beneficial as meeting in person. The apparent physical distance is no obstacle to the deep experience of Oneness. Rather, it is a symbol and metaphor for  the invisible interconnected space beyond time and geography.


During our video-conferencing sessions, all participants see and hear each other. It feels as if we were all in the same room ...

Online Satsang direkt aus dem Himalayamit Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick 

Monthly Online Satsang 

Sunday mornings

9:00 am EST     15.00 CET (Europe)

Dates for 2024

21 January

18 February

17 March

21 April

26 May

23 June

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Registration and Logistics

You are invited to join your first Online Satsang for free. This will allow you to find out if our monthly meetings suit you. Contact Sampriya by e-mail to receive your invitation for the next Online Satsang. All information regarding tuition and payment after your first Satsang is on the next page.


In order to participate in our Online Satsang you need a computer with a camera/microphone or a mobile phone/tablet with a high-speed internet connection, and a quiet place where you are undisturbed and comfortable during the time of Satsang.


We use the Zoom video-platform for the video-conference. It is free and easy to use. You will receive an e-mail invitation with full details before your first participation.


After the first free Online Satsang, your payment saves your spot for the following sessions. If you have questions or suggestions, simply write an e-mail to:

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Online Meditation Teacher Training - Essence of the Himalayas
Online Meditation Teacher Training - Essence of the Himalayas
Online Meditation Teacher Training - Essence of the Himalayas
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