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Meditation gives us access to the Knowledge of the Self

Online Meditation Teacher Training/Meditation Quote: Knowledge of the Self is not the accumulation of information

We grow up with the idea that knowledge is power. We are told from an early age that a good education will give us a chance to better our lives, to reach our goals and to have a happy and fulfilled existence. Our school system fills the heads of children with unceasing information, as if accumulating facts and figures might improve their intelligence and give them an advantage over others. As adults we are constantly bombarded with information from all sides. Our heads are crowded with an overabundance of details and data - and yet we continue to watch the news and follow everything and everybody on social media. We seem to believe that at the end of the race for more information we will find some sort of satisfaction: an answer that might release us from worry and anxiety, more clarity to deal with the difficulties of life or the keys to finally find happiness.

Eventually we come to the conclusion that as much as we need facts and details to get through our everyday lives, no amount of information has the power to give us what we are really looking for. Extra knowledge may provide a fleeting sense of temporary satisfaction or understanding, but it never frees us from the highs and lows of the ever-changing fluctuations of our mind.

If our goal is to live the kind of peace and freedom that do not change, then the database of the intellect - however full and brilliant it may be - does't have the ability to get us there. What we are yearning for has, in fact, nothing to do with intellectual knowledge or accumulated information.

We must look beyond the intellect if we want to access a dimension that is not subject to change. Given that we function almost exclusively within the realm of the waking state intellect, we may feel like there is no other dimension available to us. And yet - we all have had moments of a different kind of knowing. Some call it intuition, others refer to it as "gut feeling". Whatever name we give this kind of knowledge, it has very specific characteristics that differentiate it from intellectual knowing:

  • this knowledge comes from a place deep inside

  • it is not the result of thinking

  • often it happens when we have given up on trying to figure something out

  • it just "pops up" while we are doing something else

  • when this kind of knowledge emerges, we somehow recognize it as true

  • this type of knowledge is doubtless (unless we begin to listen to our mind's opinions again :-)

We could call this knowledge the voice of the Self. It exists at all times as the everlasting and all-permeating Space of Peace at the back of our mind's chatter. It is the unchanging Source of all manifestation, including our human forms, our thoughts, emotions and imagination. When we close our eyes in Meditation, that Space gets opened in us and we create the possibility for it to reveal itself. We begin to see that behind the data of accumulated information and thought is a reality, a Knowingness so vast, it takes our breath away. The more we meditate, the more we realize that we are not separate from that infinite Space, we see that in fact we are One with that Knowingness and that it is our True Nature.

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