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You Are the Sky...

As human beings we think of ourselves as "I"; a body and mind that functions within this world into which we wake up every morning. The Sages and Saints however have been telling us throughout the ages that we are much more than that!

Online Meditation Training/Meditation Quote: You Are the Sky

Even though we feel certain about the physical reality of our bodies and the world that surrounds us, it is helpful to remember that their perception is deficient due to the limited ability of our senses. We tend to forget that our main sense organ, the eyes, can see less than 10 percent of the light spectrum. It seems therefore reasonable to assume that there is more to us than the form we see in the mirror....

The Wise Ones keep inviting us to explore “the other 90+%”. They have left us the tool of Meditation to experiment and experience the fact that we are not limited to this body form. When we close our eyes to meditate, we have a chance to notice that the thoughts we believe to be our identity always fluctuate; in fact they come and go incessantly. The longer we sit, the more we become aware that we are not those thoughts, but the one watching them arise and dissolve. With time we develop the ability to not only come back to that Observer again and again, but we will be able to remain settled as the Observer or Knower of the movement - the eternal changes that happen in the field of the mind.

The Knower Being is our highest Self, the Source of all manifestation - including our body, mind and senses. Like the sky, the Self remains the Self, whether there is one thought or a thousand thoughts. The Self is unchanging and unaffected by the fluctuations on the form level. When we recognize that we Are the Self, we can live life happily, whether our days are filled with clouds, rain or sun....

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23 oct 2017

This reminder and the awareness that it brings is always a surprise- always a surprise that it sounds fresh each time, too . Many thank yous ✨

Me gusta
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