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You are already Free - Meditation is how you know it

The part of you that recognizes that you are already Free is not the human mind. It is the Self, the Freedom itself, that recognizes its own Truth.

This statement may appear cryptic, for as human beings, we think our only way of knowing is through the individual mind or intellect. That‘s what we were told from an early age and that‘s what we have practiced and believed throughout our lives.

Online Meditation Training/Meditation quote: You are already Free-Meditation is how you know it

The Sages and Saints have been telling a different story for thousands of years to those who want to find a deeper truth. They remind us that there is a direct knowing that exists, whether the mind and intellect are active or not. Think of a newborn baby. Nobody has to tell the little one how to drink milk from its mother, how to breathe or how to move its arms and legs - when we are born, we just „know“ these things. In the same way, there are times when we „know“ something with certainty and doubtlessness, even though the mind has no way of being sure about said thing.

When we take the time to observe this phenomenon, we see that there are two different kinds of knowing: The first is the one we are most familiar with - it is the recognition and knowing of things and forms in front of our eyes through the senses and mind. This is the human knowing that gets us through life with a sense that I, this individual person with a mind, know what I see. The second kind of knowing exists „outside“ or „beyond“ the mind and intellect. In other words, this kind of knowing does‘t need the mind and intellect in order to know. Which brings us to understand a very fundamental point in the science of Meditation: that if a knowing without intellect exists, there must be a Knower that knows without the help of the intellect.

That Knower is the Free Being that exists throughout. It is at the Source of every form, every thought and every breath. Even when it is covered by the constant movement of our thoughts - the chatter of the mind that starts as soon as we wake up - the Knower remains Free and ever-present.

Going back to the quote above, we now see that it is the human knowing/mind that wants to be free. Its experience is lack of freedom and the narrow vision of its limited sensory perceptions. When Shyam says you are already Free, he is saying that you are so much more than the limitations of the mind: You Are that Free Knower Being who knows its Freedom. And since the Sage knows the human mechanism so thoroughly, he then adds the technique for us to know that we are the Knower Being: practice that you Are Free!

Meditation is the practice that allows us to cultivate the knowledge that counters the mind’s limitations by repeating: I AM FREE. I am PURE FREE FOREVER. When we sit with our eyes closed, we can silently say these words again and again: I AM PURE FREE FOREVER (in Sanskrit: Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum). Through the power of these words, their vibration and their meaning, our attention is easily oriented away from the mind and its thoughts. In fact, we realize that the thoughts are simply movements arising and disappearing in the vast Space that we perceive behind closed eyes. That Space is the constancy, the unchanging field of Freedom or Free Being that is the Source. As the Knower of that Source we are forever FREE.

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