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When Space becomes a form, it forgets the Source....

Through the mystery of Creation, when the eternally Pure and Free Space manifests as a human being, an individual mind gets formed. In this process of embodiment, the vision and knowledge of the Eternal Being get confined to a small fraction of the Pure Vision. The result is the human instrument of perception that we call the mind.

Online Meditation Training/Meditation Quote: When Space become a form, we only see the form and forget the Space

In order to function in the world, the mind is given a set of helpers in the form of the senses. They all have different functions, but they can only perceive material forms. The subtle realm of the invisible Space is not accessible to the senses and the mind. Once the individual mind is formed and has accepted its separate existence, it looses the faculty to remember its own source, the Pure Space.

Just as a sprout does not remember the seed from which it originated, a human mind is not equipped to know its Source. In the same way, when we meet a friend, we see his form, his physical appearance and attributes, but we don’t see the Life-force or Pure Space that animates him. We may smell the beautiful fragrance of a rose, but we won’t know its origin.

This is why as human beings we feel separate from the Source, separate from our Divine Nature. Having forgotten that in essence we Are the fullness of the Pure and Free Space, we keep looking for completion and fulfilment in relationships, possessions or achievements. We can spend years, decades or even lifetimes in this pursuit; but sooner or later we come to the realisation that no amount of money or success can give us a lasting sense of fulfilment and happiness.

Those lucky enough to reach this stage of disillusionment will start to inquire more deeply and look for a means to “remember” their True Nature. Meditation is that means. It is the most direct and the most powerful way to reconnect with Source of our Being.

When we close our eyes, we have a chance to perceive the infinite Space of the Being. It is important to know that the Space may not be what we notice at first, because, as is the case with the eyes open, we see the forms first. In this instance it is likely that we first perceive the forms of our thoughts. Being used to believing that we are these thoughts, we might initially miss the Space in which they come and go. With proper guidance we will learn to remain watching silently until the attention shifts from the thoughts - which are like moving clouds - to the sky in which they appear. The sky is infinite and unchanging. It doesn’t mind whether there are a few clouds floating in it, or if a thick cover of storm clouds is brewing. The sky is free and unaffected by what happens in it.... Through practice and repetition we develop the power to remain with the sky and to realize that we Are the sky, the Source, the Space. Pure Free and Forever

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