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You are Pure Free Forever - nobody needs to approve to make it so

The human condition is to forget that our originality or True Nature is Pure Free and Forever. We are born of that Divine Purity and Freedom, but as soon as our ego/mind/intellect starts to develop, the knowledge of our Divine Nature is lost.

We are told from an early age that we are a girl or a boy, that we have a name, a family, a skin color and a nationality that define us. Growing up we accept different roles that society determines for us and so we become daughters, sons, wives and husbands, professionals and parents. Each definition of a role is established by the social norms of the times and environment we live in. The specific flavor and coloring of the roles we adopt is entirely dependent on the social climate of our surroundings. More or less consciously we learn to conform to and abide by the definitions and opinions of others. We do so for good reasons, since compliance brings approval. Most people need this sense of validation to feel loved and respected.

Online Meditation Training with Sampriya | Meditation Quotes: Your are Pure Free Forever - nobody needs to approve to make it so

It is well worth giving this point some special consideration. Most people are not fully aware just how much they depend on the approval of others to feel good about themselves. We often don't realize how exhausting it is to rely on the approval of others for our wellbeing. It masks our own inner knowledge and this need for validation is, more often than not, the source of self-judgment and disappointment. When we keep looking to others for approval we feed our lack of confidence and maintain the forgetfulness of our own True Nature. In searching for a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment outside of ourselves, we miss the fact that in reality we already are everything we ever wanted to be - we truly are Pure Free and Forever, Divine Beings living in a human form for a while.

Remembering who we really are and building the strength of knowing Pure Free Forever as our identity is possible through Meditation. When we close our eyes we have a chance to tune into the aspect of ourselves that gets masked by the ego/mind/intellect in everyday life. With closed eyes, our inner eyes first notice a dark - some call it blue/black - space that fills our whole field of perception. This space has no beginning and no end, and it goes on forever. When we pay close attention, we notice that the thoughts that come and go appear in that infinite space. We become aware that everything we perceive arises and eventually dissolves in that space, yet the space itself does not change. This space is the unchanging constancy that is ever-present at the back of all events and circumstances. It is our Source, our Originality and our True Nature - Pure Free and Forever; and exists unconditionally as the infinite vastness of our own Being. It needs nobody’s approval - not even our own - to make it so.

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