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Meditation uncovers the Secret of who we really are

What if everything we have been told and believed about ourselves were inaccurate or, at the very the least, incomplete?

Many seekers have an innate sense that there is more to them than what they can see in the mirror. Their path often leads them to read the ever more popular classical texts like the Patanjali's Yoga Sûtras or the Bhagavad Gîta, only to find that they are not easy to understand without guidance.

Sampriya's Meditation Quotes - Meditation uncovers the Secret of our True Nature

There is a very good reason why the ancient yogic texts seem so hermetic at first. They were written by sages and saints who knew the Secret of the True Nature of all beings. They knew and lived a state of consciousness that is beyond the human waking state, and from that vast perspective, they described the Secret of Life. Throughout the ages, these rare Beings of Light appeared on earth to share their Knowledge with those who are willing to listen and accept a truth different from what society is telling them. These teachers and gurus help their students in developing the ability to uncover the Secret of their own True Nature through studying in their company and through the repetition of specific practices.

The most important and transformative of these practices is Meditation. In recent years Meditation has become a mainstream buzzword for everything from stress management to thinking that we can manifest the Ferrari of our dreams if we put our minds to it. As helpful or intriguing that some of these offshoots of Meditation may be, they miss the essence and aim of Meditation: to reveal our True Nature, our Divine Essence to us.

Neither family nor educational institutions or society tell us that we are Divine Beings in essence. All our lives we are told that we are mortal human beings. We are told our body is our finite identity, born at some time and destined to die eventually. In school we learn that intelligence is the mind's faculty to accumulate as much information as possible - and that the right information, gained through a good education, will give us access to riches and recognition, thus ensuring our happiness in life.

Eventually we find out that this type of happiness it fleeting at best. Most accept the ups and downs of life as the inevitable condition of being human. They either keep chasing the ideal of "more" or become sad and depressed because life is not what they were hoping for.

There is a third category of human beings. Those who have a strong inner yearning as well as the courage, curiosity and perseverance to keep looking for a deeper kind of knowledge. These are the rare ones who will seek information and guidance that can lead them beyond the confines of the human experience. They are the ones who will find their way to the Essence of Meditation: the secret knowledge of our True Nature that gets uncovered when we close our eyes - as it was transmitted by the sages.

In turning our attention inward, the storm of thoughts, judgments and opinions that rages in our heads is seen from the outside. As the one observing the turbulence, we realise that we are free from it. In fact we see that the Watcher or Knower of the storm has nothing to do with it and cannot be affected by it.

This in itself is a momentous shift in perception. Yet, it is only the first layer of the secret that the sages have been sharing. If we can observe the storm, it means that we truly are not the storm.... It also means that we are not limited to our physical body and our mind's thoughts - with which we have been identifying as "I" all through our lives. Our true "I" is much much vaster than this individual form that we call "my body or I".

We experience the truth of this fact when we remain sitting with our eyes closed for a while. As we keep watching, the storm of thoughts eventually settles; even the perception of having a body will slowly disappear. It may feel almost as if we were falling asleep, but with one significant difference: The Presence of the Watcher/Knower is still there. "I" still exists, but not as a finite, formed entity with an individual body and mind. The Knower "I" that remains is infinite, unchanging and forever the same everywhere. It is the Source of all creation and therefore the Source of every individual "I" that can never be separate from its Source. That is the Secret uncovered in Meditation: we may appear to be separate human beings, with individual minds, but our True Nature is the invisible, pure, free and forever Knower Self.

Meditating again and again on the Knower Self as our identity, the Secret of our True Nature gets uncovered and we know ourselves as the Divine Beings that we are.

If you are looking for help and guidance in uncovering your own True Nature, send me an e-mail to book a free half hour consultation to explore the ways in which I can help you.


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