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Meditation is the door to unchanging Happiness

Happiness of the waking state is always determined by the fluctuations of mind and circumstances. We are high and happy one day, unhappy and depressed the next - depending on whether or not our hopes, desires, expectations and preferences are met. Even though we aspire to be happy at all times, for human beings the state of continuous or unchanging happiness is elusive.

Online Meditation Teacher Training/Meditation Quote: True Happiness is unchanging

The reason we can't find it is that we are looking for continuity the wrong place. We expect to find stability in a dimension that is defined by unceasing change. The very nature of the world, our bodies and our minds is change. If we want a state of being that is unchanging, we need to look beyond the waking state world, to the infinite Space of the Source or Self.

The nature of the Self is unchanging, eternal, Pure, Free and Forever. One of its attributes is Happiness without cause. The Self is not happy because of something, it is Happiness itself. In Meditation we get a chance to experience our Oneness with the Self as the Source of Happiness. A regular practice of Meditation evolves the ability to know that the Self is our very nature and it builds the power to remain united with the Self at all times.

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