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Meditation fills you with the awareness of the eternal Self

The waking state consciousness, the so-called normal human state is filled with thoughts, ideas, concepts, conclusions, expectations and judgments that flow through our mind all day long. We don't invite the thoughts and we have no control over the their flow. This movement in the mind is constantly changing, coming and going. At times we experience this stream of thoughts as our inner voices that tell us we are right or wrong, happy or unhappy, successful or not.

Online Meditation Teacher Training/Meditation Quote:Meditation fill you with the Awareness of the Eternal Self

If our attention remains exclusively on the level of thinking, the thoughts appear to have all the power. If they are positive we are happy, if they are negative we are uncomfortable or we begin to worry. A sense of helplessness is often the result when we are constantly involved with our thoughts and their meaning. Think about it: a mechanism over which we have no control, that randomly produces thoughts without our invitation or agreement, is in charge of how we feel and what we consider ourselves capable of doing. It is no wonder that we feel things are out of control at times, if this mechanism is the pilot of our lives...

Meditation gives us access to an entirely different state of consciousness. When we close our eyes and reorient our attention to the space in which the thoughts and their movement appear and disappear, we notice the fundamental qualities of that space: It never changes, it is always present, it has no beginning and no end, and it is pure, whole and complete in itself. Sitting in Meditation, we have the possibility to allow this space to fill our awareness with these qualities. The more we practice Meditation with the right guidance, the more we realize that we are One with that space - that We Are that infinite Space, the Self itself.

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