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It isn't the Matter that matters...

Antoine de St. Exupéry, the famous author of “The Little Prince” said that: “What is essential is invisible to the eyes, one can only truly see with the heart”.

He is hinting at the same Truth that the sages and saints have been sharing for thousands of years, namely that we are mislead by the limited perceptions of our senses. They can only recognize things and forms, objects and persons. Our eyes can only tell us the shape of things, never their Source. They inform us of how someone looks, not who they are. The eyes allow us to recognize the color of a rose, but they will never tell us where the fragrance comes from. We can see a heart, but not the Source that makes it beat.

The ordinary waking state consciousness doesn’t have the ability to go beyond the perception of the senses. The sheer magic of the Source Awareness, the fact that it is the origin of all manifestation, all beings, thoughts and emotions is lost on us. Most importantly, the fact that we are not only connected to that Source but that we actually Are that Source, is forgotten.

Online Meditation Teacher Training/Meditation Quote: It isn't the matter that matters - what matters is the Source

That’s why Meditation is such a gift. When we close our eyes, we can perceive the Source as the Space in which the thoughts and forms appear and disappear. We can see that they are simple movements that come and go on the canvas of the Source. In Meditation we get a chance to experience that Source as our very own Being.


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