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How choosing the perspective of the Self changes everything...

From a human perspective, with our mind as the instrument of evaluation, we see every situation we find ourselves in as either good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. The mind's vision is dualistic by nature. It forever assesses life in terms of black or white. Although we rarely argue with pleasant experiences, as soon as something unpleasant happens we are quick to try to get away from it. When circumstances go against our preferences it is human nature to assume that "this shouldn't happen" or "something went wrong". Consciously or unconsciously, many have the unreasonable hope that bad things should't happen to them - and when they happen anyway, they easily judge the situation, others or themselves as faulty. Most people assume that if they do things right, the outcome should be in their favor.

This reasoning is obviously flawed. It is the source of great confusion and suffering. Even though we rarely admit it to ourselves, we know from experience that reality differs from this mistaken assumption. We can plan all we want, if Life has a different idea, things won't go our way. Even when we spend considerable effort to assure or control an outcome - even when we do everything right - the result may still not be what we expected or hoped for.

Trying to blame someone or ourselves for an unwanted outcome is not only counterproductive and unreasonable, it is truly missing the point. By giving in to the blame game we are ignoring an important fact: that there is a force at work in our lives; a power that has nothing to do with our personal willpower or dedication to a result. Acknowledging that force, is recognizing the current of Life, our True Self, that underlies all our actions, thoughts and feelings. Those who are awakening to the awareness of the power of Self as the Source of existence, have the possibility to tune into a reality infinitely vaster than the human consciousness.

Through Meditation we have the possibility to know and experience the Self as our own Being. We have the possibility to merge with it, align with it and rest in it. The practice of Meditation dissolves the duality of the mind and allows us to live in Oneness with our True Self. From the perspective of the Self, all situations we experience as human beings are just invitations to remember that our mind's limited and dualistic vision is illusory. United with the Self, we can see the current of Life as our own infinite power of creation - never right or wrong - always One.

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