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Grace is always there...

The eternal Self, our Source, is unchanging and ever-present. The same is true for Grace, which is the very nature of the Self. In fact, we could say that Self, Source and Grace are synonymous, for all three words are attempts to describe the indescribable, infinite Space of Divinity.

Online Meditation Training/Meditation Quote:Grace is always there

Grace is not something we need to deserve or seek, it is who we are in essence. We may have accepted our body and mind as our identity, just like a wave has accepted the sense that it is separate from the ocean water. In reality we are never separate from our Source, even though it is invisible to our eyes.

When we feel the presence of Grace in our human lives, it is a sign that our awareness is open to its true nature, the Self. This awareness can be cultivated so that it doesn’t perceive Grace just as a random glimpse here and there. A regular practice of awareness, especially in the form of Meditation, will open the channels that reveal the ever-Presence of Grace as our own Self.

Give yourself the gift of Meditation, of knowing ever-present Grace.


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