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Acceptance of the Self as my True Nature

My teacher used to say: "you know that you are the Light of the Self, but you don't accept it".

He was right of course. We accept that we are a human being every morning upon waking up and we practice and confirm it with every breath we take. We accept the story in our mind as the sole truth of our existence just because it is there. Even though we know that the sun is shining above the clouds, we accept the rain and the fact that we are getting wet as the only reality...

In the same way and with the same awareness that we accept our human form every morning, we can accept that our True Nature is the Self. In using the faculties of our mind to do so, our attention shifts from human awareness to the unchanging Self, the peaceful space of the Knower. Acceptance of the Self as our True Nature is effortless and instantaneous from the perspective of the Knower.

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