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Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick

Meditation Mentor and Teacher

My greatest delight is to share the gift of Meditation with those who want to realize that unchanging Freedom and Joy are not to be found somewhere outside; they exist at our very center, as the Source of each one of our thoughts, actions and of every breath we take. In fact we are that One Source Being manifesting as glorious multiplicity

Online Meditation Mentoring Sessions with Sampriya to help you know who you truly are

Personalized Online Meditation Mentoring

and Awareness Coaching

Meditation Mentoring and Awareness Coaching is a personalised Online Meditation Training Program for beginners as well as experienced Meditators. It is an opportunity for students who aspire to develop or expand their Meditation Practice, Present-Moment-Awareness or Spiritual Lifestyle. 


Online Meditation Mentoring with Sampriya offers you support and inspiration in your personal development and spiritual unfoldment:​

Online Meditation Mentoring with Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick, Meditation Mentor and Teacher
  • to effortlessly develop or expand your daily Meditation practice

  • to understand and master the human mind

  • to become free from the mind’s tendency to worry and judge

  • to build the power to remain aware, present and free in all situations

  • practical help to implement lifestyle changes and new habits that support your personal and spiritual growth

  • to uncover the source of unchanging joy and happiness that is alive in you at all times

  • to reconnect with your glorious, infinite inner nature

  • to live the fulfilled and contented life of one knowing her/his True Self

​Our Online Meditation Mentoring program is designed as an individualised training for all seekers of inner Peace and Freedom. It will inspire those who recognize that it is essential and much easier to sustain one’s Meditation Practice with the regular support and feedback from an expert Meditation Mentor and Teacher.

Online Meditation Mentoring sessions are focussed on You. They will guide you to recognise the Freedom and Bliss experienced in Meditation as your own Source. We will meditate together and we will discuss the successes and potential obstacles of your practice before defining the strategies to overcome them. Online Meditation Mentoring offers a sacred space for your self-inquiry; a forum to examine all aspects of your life through the lens of Yog Philosophy - the science of Oneness - so that you can live your Highest Awareness at all times. 

Throughout our Meditation Mentoring sessions you will receive guidance and answers to your questions regarding all aspects of Meditation and Yog Philosophy from a Meditation Mentor and Teacher who has been immersed in the living experience of Oneness and Meditation for over 20 years.

After our initial meeting, where you determine your vision and objectives for your spiritual practice, we will get together at the frequency that suits you. We will connect through the video-conferencing means of your choice: Skype, FaceTime, What'sApp or Zoom. 


Online Meditation Mentoring Sessions can be held in English, French, German or Swiss German

Online Meditation Mentoring Sessions with Sampriya to help you know who you truly are

Book a FREE half hour session

to find out how Sampriya can help you build your Meditation Practice

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about Online Meditation Mentoring with Sampriya

I want to thank you Sampriya, as I so appreciate your wisdom, beauty and guidance. Our time together reminds me of what has been forgotten or covered by clutter and allows me to slowly see - a vast awareness - the ocean not just the wave, the sky and not simply the bird flying by...


Your presence and teaching is a true gift and I thank you.  Through our online meditation mentoring I often feel as though I am slowly cleaning a dirty window and the light is beginning to filter through.  


Jan Mc Laughlin

Audio Support for Online Meditation Mentoring


Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick - Meditation Teacher and Mentor | Online Meditation Training and Teacher Training | Online Meditation Mentoring

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Meditation Made Easy

is a powerful FREE Guided Meditation/Deep Relaxation audio for you

Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick - Meditation Teacher and Meditation Mentor | Online Meditation Mentoring | Online Meditation Training and Teacher Training

Meditation Mentoring

Book a free half hour with Sampriya to find out how she can help you build your Meditation practie

Infinity Mala by Heart of all Hearts. An exquisite Mala to support your Meditation and Chanting of Mantra

Mantra Chanting

Listen to the powerful

Guru Shyam Mantra

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum

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