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Life will constantly exceed your expectations...

Imagine a life that exceeds your expectations at all times. You may not believe it possible, but you can live that life!

Online Meditation Teacher Training/Meditation Quote: Life will constantly exceed your expectations

Experiencing life as wonderful, exciting and satisfying depends mostly on whether or not our expectations are being met. If things happen according to our preferences and desires, we feel happy and fulfilled. As soon as life throws us a curveball and we don’t get the results we anticipated, happiness turns into frustration and disappointment. A loved one who doesn't behave in the way we were hoping, a great effort at work that doesn't produce the expected outcome, a car that breaks down at the worst moment or the simple fact that it rains when I need good weather for my plans - all these thwarted hopes dramatically change how we experience life.

In fact, we perceive life as painful or as a problem, when our sense of happiness depends entirely on our mind’s ideas of how we think it should be – or when we believe that the mind’s expectations are justified, simply because they arise in our head. In accepting the ever-changing chatter of the mind as truth, we forget the Life that is at the back of it. That Life has its own flow and rhythm, and more often than not, its course is different from our mind’s ideas.

We can change this pattern by turning to the science of Meditation. It tells us to shift our attention from the fluctuations of the mind’s expectations to the unchanging space of Life or the Self that is at the back of everything. In keeping our attention aligned with that Self, we don’t just know the flow of Life, we Are that flow. The mind’s expectations are then seen for what they are: simple movement of thoughts that have no power of their own. Rooted in the Self, we witness Life free from expectations. That’s when Life will always exceed them all.

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