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Let's make 2019 the Year of Meditation

Meditation develops an extraordinary power: the ability to know, in our own being, that we truly are Divine Beings having a human experience.

In Meditation we reconnect with our innermost Being, our own Divinity. It is how we can know ourselves as whole. Struggle, doubt and the sense of not being enough can't reach there. Immersed in the space of Meditation we know that our innate state of being is Freedom. In that state we are free from feeling small, free from old conditionings, free from limiting mental and emotional beliefs, and free from fear or suffering. As That, we know that we are the eternally pure and free being we have been seeking for all our lives.

Meditation Quotes by Sampriya | Meditation Teacher and Mentor |  Essence of the Himayalas

That's what Meditation is all about: unfolding the power and knowledge that lets us live this human experience in the knowledge of our True Nature.

You may think that this sounds like a lofty theory. It is the exact opposite. When we listen to those who have walked this path before us and take the time to sit with our eyes closed, we have a chance to experience the power of Meditation in our own Self. Beyond the chatter of our minds we will find our very Source, a space so vast and powerful that it has the capacity to transform the understanding of who we are.

As you can see, Meditation is much more than a technique to reduce stress or improve wellness. It is the key to inner peace, happiness and contentment - and it is available to anyone who wants to explore its true power.

So let's make this the Year of Meditation!

I can help you find your way with Meditation. Send me an e-mail for a free half hour consultation where you can check out private Online Meditation Mentoring - or contact a few of your friends and set up a small group class for an Introduction to Meditation. Check our website in the next few weeks for an upcoming half-day virtual Meditation Retreat and sign-up for the free blog and newsletter to stay tuned about other exciting projects coming later this year. For immediate access to the space of Meditation, you can always listen to the FREE guided Meditation by Sampriya here.


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