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You have never done anything wrong

One of the most impactful things my teacher told me when I first met him was: "You have never done anything wrong". Upon hearing these words, something in me released. A weight I didn't know I was carrying fell off my shoulders.

"You have never done anything wrong" applies to all of us. But what is the Sage truly saying, and which aspect of our being is he addressing with these words? Our ego/mind will most likely have an immediate reaction to hearing them. It will refute these words as incorrect, and it will point out all the situations in which it believes that we did or said the wrong thing.

This happens because the ego/mind owns all its actions as "mine". It is certain that "if I do things right, the good outcome is due to me and if I do the wrong thing, the ensuing failure is my fault". It has forgotten that without the Self, the Source, it is not even able to breathe, let alone to act, speak and think. Without the Self, there is no world, no story and no person saying: "I exist, and it is me doing this right, or doing that wrong".

Only because we believe to exist as an individual, separate from the Self, do we assume that our actions and words are ours and that they can be wrong.

We need to remember that the Self is the Indweller, who appears to live in this body and use the instrument of the mind and senses to experience this world. The part of the Self that we call our ego/mind does not exist by itself as a separate or individual existence. It can therefore never "do" anything wrong, as if, independently from the Self. It only exists as the "hands and feet of the Self", moving and acting as the Self.

So let's no longer forget that as that Self, we are Pure Free Forever. There is no part of what we call "me" that could ever be anything other than the Self. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

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