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The Self is free

Our judgmental ego/mind has strong opinions about our ability to get things done. It is conditioned to make us believe that "if we just made a bit more of an effort", "if we were just a bit smarter, stronger or more efficient" then things would be better - we would be better...

Mental scenarios like these run our lives and often go undetected. They keep us believing that we are somehow small or weak or not good enough.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Who we truly are has nothing to do with the stories our mind is telling us. Our True Nature is the very Self that is the Source of the mind and all its imaginary powers. As the Self, the mind is our instrument. It will serve us to deal with the logistics of life, but it will never define who we are. The Self is free from definitions and free from qualifications. It is the Source of all and it includes all.

The Self is free

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