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In Meditation we see beyond the human experience...

Great Wisdom is sometimes found in the most unlikely places. A friend was recently driving from Vermont to Illinois when she stumbled upon a Chinese restaurant along the highway. To her surprise and delight she found the unexpectedly profound quote on the photo below in a fortune cookie. When we are tuned in to the invisible Life-force and its Source, we find signs of it everywhere...

This beautiful quote addresses the fact that what we see with our eyes is but a shadow of who we truly are. We can see forms, people and the world around us, but our True Nature is invisible to the eyes. Actually, our senses and mind are not equipped to know anything other than forms. The Life that animates the forms, the Source of manifestation, remains unknowable to the perception of the human senses.

Online Meditation Training/Meditation Quote:Everything we see is a shadow cast by That which we don't see

The human existence happens exclusively between three specific states of consciousness: We are either in deep sleep, we are dreaming or we live in the waking state. All our human experiences are limited to the confines of these three states - and none of them allow us to see beyond the forms. In order to enter the vastness of our True Nature we need a bridge, a connector that allows us to step outside of the limitations of the human perceptions.

Meditation is the gateway to the dimension beyond human experience. When we close our eyes to meditate, we enter a unique dimension that is “outside” of the three human states of consciousness. We are not asleep, we are not dreaming and we are also not living in the waking state. Meditation allows us to enter the fourth state of consciousness - the state of Freedom of the Source. At first we may not notice the shift since our attention is likely still with the movement of the thoughts. If we are able to stay alert and continue to sit and watch, we will notice that the thoughts, the sense of I and all other perceptions appear and disappear - they come and go in the infinite Space that seems to be the backdrop of anything we observe behind our closed eyes. Eventually all movement or sense of physical presence will dissolve - and yet we still exist; not as an individual person, but as the Eternal Presence, Pure Free and Forever. We exist as That which the eyes can’t see and we realize that we are One with That: we realize that That is our True Nature.

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