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In Meditation we experience our Oneness with the Divine Self

The Vedic scriptures say that the sense of separation from our Divine Self, is the cause of all human difficulty and suffering.

In most cultures we are told from an early age that Divinity exist "out there" and that as human beings we are inherently separate from it. Divinity or the Self is described as the unattainable state of eternal bliss that we might get a glimpse of at the end of a long road of practices and renunciation, if we are lucky and deserving. This leaves many seekers with the powerless feeling of not ever having a chance to get there or of never being good enough....

Luckily there have been sages and saints throughout the ages who knew a different Truth; a Truth that is unchanging and rooted in Divinity itself. They live a state of consciousness free from separation with the Divine. I will refer to it as Oneness, although it is called by different names in different traditions. These rare and wise Beings have been writing and transmitting their knowledge of Oneness. Not only that, but they have left us the gift of Meditation - the possibility to experience the state of Oneness in our own being.

After a while, when we close our eyes to meditate, we notice a change in our perceptions. If we remain alert and observing of what we perceive, we notice that our awareness of the body, thoughts and emotions begins to change. They are no longer the solid forms and concepts we know during the day. Somehow they become more transparent and fluid, and we notice that they come and go. The longer we observe, the more aware we become of an infinite and unchanging space in which these perceptions come and go.

With practice and the right guidance, we have a chance to realize that the Watcher of the Space, the perceptions coming and going in the Space and the Space itself are one and the same: One Self, One Being, One I - never separate. Knowing ourselves as that One Being, we live our lives happily, peacefully and utterly free from any sense of separation from our own divine Self.

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