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Compassion is the nature of the Self - Kindness is how it manifests...

Just as love is much vaster than the sense of attraction or infatuation we experience as humans beings, compassion is much vaster than the sympathy, commiseration or care we may feel towards our fellow human and animal friends.

True compassion is unchanging and unconditional in nature. It is a state of being rather than a feeling - and it is one of the characteristics of the all-permeating Self. The fullness of compassion lives hidden in our innermost core as the knowledge of Oneness with our Divine Source. When we awaken to that reality and choose to live our lives in Oneness with the Source, then we know everything emanating from that Source as our own Self. In the living Vision of Oneness all sentient forms and all of creation are our own Self - and compassion is our natural, essential quality.

In a human being who lives in alignment and Oneness with the Self, compassion manifests as boundless kindness. Indeed, how could we feel anything but infinite kindness towards our own Self in all its multiple forms of manifestation? When we are steeped in Oneness, our thoughts and feelings - towards ourselves and others - are bound to be kind. They are the direct expression of the Self's unconditional compassion.

Meditation is the pathway to experiencing the Source of compassion in your own being. If you are looking for guidance to get started, to deepen your practice or to meditate with a group, check our website:, or download our Free Guided Meditation here: #meditationtraining #meditationteacher #meditationpractice #onlinemeditationclasses


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