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Satsang and Meditation Retreat with Sampriya

 7 May 2023      10.00 - 16.30

in Winthrop MA



Your True Nature is Stillness

Your True Nature* is Stillness

Our retreat is an introduction to the topic: "staying rooted in Stillness in the middle of the storm"


Join us for a day of playful Self-inquiry and reconnection with the presence of your True Nature in Satsang and Meditation with Sampriya. She is an expert at guiding seekers from all walks of life to experiencing the infinite beauty of inner Stillness - as it reveals itself effortlessly when the sense of separation falls away in Meditation and Satsang.


Satsang is not an English word. It comes from the original Sanskrit, the language in which all important yogic scriptures are written. Satsang means to gather in the presence (sang) of the Truth (Sat).


Meeting in Satsang is a gift to yourSelf. It is an opportunity to consciously tune in to the ever-present Stillness or Self inside of you - to open yourself to it and to rest in it. While participating in Satsang you will realize that you are never separate from the unchanging Stillness of the Self, and that knowing it as your own True Nature is simple and easy.

*In everyday life, our restless mind covers our True Nature, the Self, so fully that it’s easy to completely lose sight of it. In contrast to the mind’s volatility and the impermanence of the body, the Self is immutable, infinite and eternal. Our one-day retreat will help you recognize and experience the unchanging nature of your true Self - and to learn that it is always alive in you.

Meet Sampriya


Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick


More than fifteen years ago, I decided to answer my inner calling to dedicate this life entirely to living in Freedom and Oneness. I spend most of my time in the Himalayas in India, in the presence of an enlightened Master and a community of yogis from around the world.

My greatest joy is to share my deep insight into the state of spiritual awakening with all those who want to reconnect with the center of their being, the Source of Life, Love and Freedom.

If you want to know more about me, here is a detailed biography and information about Essence of the Himalayas, the school of Meditation and Oneness.



Retreat Location Winthrop MA or Online

Winthrop MA, near Boston

Location details to be confirmed

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