Live from the Himalayas in India

with Sampriya

Sampriya/Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick is a contemporary Meditation Mentor and Teacher whose deep insight into the Awakened State of Consciousness is rooted in Advait Vedant (Non-dualism) and Yog (Oneness) Philosophy. She created The School of Meditation and Oneness as a forum for Online Meditation Training - to help you practice, teach and live the Art of Meditation.

Essence of the Himalayas

unique Meditation Training modalities

for individuals and small groups.

Meditation Mentoring

Private Online Meditation Mentoring and Awareness Coaching

Establish or expand your Meditation Practice with the guidance and support of

regular private Meditation Mentoring sessions with Sampriya.

Ask for a FREE half hour consultation.


Teacher Training

Group Online Meditation Training

Semi-private - max 8 participants



Online Satsang

Monthly Satsang and Meditation small groups, max.12 participants

Satsang is a Sanskrit word. It means to gather in the presence (sang) of the Truth (Sat). Satsang is a gift to yourself. It is the opportunity to consciously tune in to your ever-present inner Source or Self - to open yourself to it and to rest in it.

Meditation Community

Free half hour Community Meditations

Tuesdays and Saturdays

Our Online Meditation Community is open to everyone and it is FREE.

Unlike during our Online Satang, this will not be a time for interaction and I won't be answering questions. I am simply inviting you to sit and meditate with me and a group of like-minded people.

Advanced Study Group

Continuing Education for Meditation Teachers semi-private, max. 8 participants

This group will help you strengthen your personal experience/knowledge of Meditation and Yog Philosophy. It provides a safe space for questions and feedback regarding your own teaching experiences and potential obstacles. 



Satsang und Meditation

ein Abend-Seminar

Switzerland / German

12. März 18.00 bis 21.00 Uhr

dein wahres Selbst erkennen und erfahren

Wir treffen uns im Yoga Studio

von Ursula Hauser in Stans.

Satsang ist Sanskrit. Es bedeutet, sich in die Gegenwart (Sang) der Wahrheit (Sat) zu begeben. Satsang ist ein Geschenk an dich selbst. Es it die Gelegenheit, die Allgegenwärtigkeit deines wahren Selbst bewusst zu spüren, sich ihr zu öffnen und in ihr zu ruhen



Switzerland / German

23.-25. April im Tessin

dein wahres Selbst erkennen und erfahren

Das wahre Selbst ist im Alltag so sehr von unserem rastlosen Versand überdeckt, dass wir leicht den Zugang dazu verlieren. Im Gegensatz zur volatilen Gedankenwelt des Verstandes und der Vergänglichkeit des Körpers, ist das Selbst unveränderlich, unendlich und ewig. Unser Wochenend-Seminar wird dir helfen, die Unendlichkeit des wahren Selbst in dir zu erkennen und direkt zu erfahren. Und du lernst, dass diese Wahrheit für immer in dir lebendig ist.


Retreat in Amsterdam

Netherlands / English

2 October evening / 4 October day

recognize your True Self - urban retreat

In everyday life, our restless mind covers the True Self so fully that it’s easy to completely lose sight of it. In contrast to the mind’s volatility and the impermanence of the body, the Self is immutable, infinite and eternal. Our one-day retreat will help you recognize and experience the unchanging nature of your true Self - and to learn that it is always alive in you.



Meet Sampriya

Meditation Teacher and Mentor

"I see Life as a divine conspiracy designed to lead us to Happiness and Freedom; and I regard all of life's circumstances as an invitation to realize that “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but Spiritual Beings having a human experience.”


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